Done by Nounayi and Matote (Matteo and Charlotte) during the Concordia Makes Games jam, around the theme PANIC !

We won: THE JAM ! And Best Art, Best Integration of the theme, and Most  Popular Game.

Oh no ! There's trouble in Panictown ! Villagers are running everywhere.

Catch as many of them as you can before they fall in the river or in the well, and drag and drop them in your cozy and safe pocket. 

Playable online, with your favorite mouse ! 

If you want you can also just throw everyone in the pit. You won't get a nice score but you'll get that taking-off-the-swimming-pool-ladder-from-the-sims feel. Oooooh yeah

AuthorsMatote, nounayi
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Average sessionA few seconds
AccessibilitySubtitles, One button

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